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  1. A booking fee of $ 625.00 (half) is to accompany the signing of this contract and the unpaid balance of the service fee is to be paid when the mare is pronounced safe in foal. All board and expenses will be paid monthly. The mare will not be released to the mare owner until such time as stallion service fee, all veterinary expenses, board bills and any other charges incurred on behalf of the mare, have been paid in full. A Breeders Certificate will be issued when the manager is notified that the resulting foal has arrived and all expenses have been paid in full.
  2. Mare Owner agrees to give Manager ample opportunity to settle the mare having bred her through at least two heat periods. Stallion Owner does not give a Live Foal Guarantee for any mare leaving the Breeding Farm unless the mare has been pregnancy-checked and found to be in foal by the Manager's Veterinary. If the mare leaves before pregnancy-checked, then all unpaid board, expenses and breeding fee become due and payable and the live foal guarantee then becomes VOID. If, however, for any reason the mare does not settle, Mare Owner will hold Manager harmless. The above applies to the normal breeding period which is understood by the parties involved to be from February 1st until May of the year involved and both parties hereby acknowledge and agree that any mare during this period of time will be considered as having been bred under terms and conditions of this stallion service contract for the year involved.
  3. It is further agreed that should the mare die or become unfit for breeding, the mare owner will be allowed an approved substitute mare. Furthermore, should the Stallion die or become unfit for breeding this contract will become VOID and any money paid as part of the booking fee or stud fee shall be refunded to mare owner.
  4. Mare Owner agrees that neither the Manager, nor the Stallion Owner, nor The Breeding Farm shall be responsible for any disease, accident, sickness or death to Mare Owner's foal, whether the foal is with her on arrival or foaled on the premises. The Mare Owner will likewise not be responsible for any disease, accident, sickness or death to the Stallion or Stallion Manager or any employees of the The Breeding Farm.
  5. Mare Owner agrees to have the Manager's Veterinarian check Mare Owner's mare for normal breeding conditions and perform any other veterinary services as deemed necessary at Mare Owner's expense.
  6. Negative Coggins test required on all mares, dated within previous six (6) months. Mare Owner is requested to furnish Manager with immunization and worming history from a Veterinarian for all mares brought to the farm for breeding. Tetanus, sleeping sickness, fluvac and rhinopneumonitis shots will be administered while the mare is being bred at Mare Owner's expense to both mare and foal if she has a foal at side if these have not been administered within the past six (6) months by the Mare Owner's Veterinarian. These are given at Mare Owner's expense to protect the health program on the premises of the The Breeding Farm. Mare Owner's mare will automatically be put on a regular worming program upon arrival at The Breeding Farm. All Veterinary expenses will be paid by the Mare Owner.
  7. Live Foal Guarantee:
    Stallion Owner gives a Live Foal Guarantee. "Live Foal" is defined as a foal that stands and nurses without assistance after foaling. If foal does not stand and nurse and Stallion manager is notified within seven (7) days of foaling, by a Veterinarian on his letterhead stationery, then the Mare Owner is entitled to a breeding to the same mare in the same year as foaling. A chute fee of $300.00 will be charged on the re-breeding. All other costs incurred on behalf of the mare will be the responsibility of the Mare Owner.
  8. A photostatic copy of the Mare's Registration Certificate (both sides) must be furnished with this contract as one of the requirements.
  9. Mare Owner agrees to pay $10.00 per day for dry mares, $12.00 per day for mares with foals.
  10. Mare Owner or Authorized Representative will complete and sign this contract, along with deposit. It will be a binding contract on both parties subject to the above terms and conditions. This Contract is not transferable or assignable.

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